Everyone wants recognition in some form or another; a kind word, flowers, a gift and often times a trophy if the circumstance affords it. Trophies are a reminder of an event for a special achievement. I love big old trophies from long ago for sporting events that nowadays, not many people still participate, such as Badminton and Croquet although we always played a hearty game of “wickets” when Uncle John and Aunt Wanda would visit.

To my delight, my business partner and friend Ron brought into the gallery a wonderful variety of vintage trophies for auction. Now, many are plated silver and some sterling silver, but that doesnʼt matter to me or to any collector of these handled chalices. For me itʼs the when, where and sometimes the why. I prefer antiques trophies or vintage ones from somewhere fancy like a well known private club that Iʼll never have membership, or even better, from Cleveland. It doesnʼt matter that much what the event was that the winner dominated, but the more obscure the better.

For the upcoming Spring auction, we have paired up a few of these lovelies to bid on and the winner definitely gets a trophy, or two. Many of these are more than 100 years old and are from the Cleveland Athletic Club, one from a competition at Luna Park and another from The Plain Dealer. Many are for relays and track, another for skating. I really love the three handled loving cup awarded by the Irish Society. Each one is beautifully engraved and dated.

Besides putting a little bit of history on display from places now long gone in your own cabinet, you can use a trophy as a vase for flowers or as an ice bucket. Iʼm trying to bring back the age-old etiquette of hostess gifting; a little something to give your host and hostess for the lovely evening youʼll undoubtedly have. I know many of my Cleveland friends would be grateful to receive one of these beauties with flowers.