While buying art at auction isn’t the only way to purchase art, antiques and other unusual items, it is a fun and exciting way to begin your collection or to add to what you already have. While there can be a bit of learning curve, once you feel the adrenaline rush of competitive bidding you may become hooked. Here are 7 reasons why you should buy at auction

1. Constant Learning: Every auction brings together a diverse grouping of articles, often from random sources. This happenstance gives the auction goer an opportunity to see, inspect and buy items they may have been unfamiliar with, expanding your knowledge. Auction catalog descriptions are a great source of information.

2. First hand inspection : When you visit a museum you are not able to touch, inspect and handle works of art, but at an auction preview, you are! This up close, first hand inspection increases your understanding of the way an artist or artisan made something. Each time you inspect something by holding it your hands you add to your store of knowledge.

3. Unexpected Finds: Perhaps you wouldn’t have known that you were cuckoo for Paris Street scenes or Majolica Oyster Plates if you didn’t run across them at an auction preview. This can send you on a whole new collecting journey.

4. Support of Auction House Specialists: You are not alone. The specialists at the auction house are knowledgeable about the items being offered and are happy to answer questions about condition, authenticity, value, provenance and anything else you might wonder about. They are happy to advise.

5. Variety of Price Ranges: While you may hear about world record auction prices for a Basquiat or Matisse, auctions are a great source of affordable prices and bargains too. Why buy mass manufactured furnishings online when you can have a handmade piece with unique style for much less?!

6. Reuse/Recycle: Not much explanation needed here, when you buy at auction you help save the planet.

7. The Hunt, the Chase and the Possible Win: Sometimes the search is half the fun, but once you’ve found that wished for object or piece, you get to participate in competitive bidding, which always gets the heart pounding. The best way to win your lot is to bid live online as the lot sells. That way if you need to go beyond your limit a bid or two to achieve success you can assure yourself of a win.

Say YES! to the Auction!