Neue’s Spring Auction; Sneak Peek!

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I had the privilege of visiting the rather new-ish auction house in town; Neue Auctions. The team behind this fierce auction house and gallery has been at the forefront of the Cleveland art world for decades, but for the first time are collaborating together as one team. The powerhouse behind this new auction destination includes Cynthia Colling Maciejewski, Ron Greenwald, Ricardo Bernabe and Bridget McWilliams.

Upcycling, restoration promote sustainability

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Most people know what recycling is, but how many know about upcyling? “We try to get younger people involved,” Maciejewski noted. “It seems like the younger generation is the one that is finding creative reuse of products. They seem to be a little more aware of not having unwanted items in their life. Even in my generation, we’re the ones who can afford to purchase higher-end pieces. We’re trying to get the younger generation aware of it so they’re not going out there and living a life where they constantly buy something new.”

Breaking ground: Neue Auctions caters to a new generation of antiques enthusiasts

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“What separates Neue from the other five auction houses in the Cleveland area is its audience, as Maciejewski and Greenwald are catering to the next generation of enthusiasts. ‘Millennials and women are the fastest-growing segment of art collectors and we want to better reach this growing market,’ says Maciejewski, citing a recent article on artnet. ‘They are the guardians of our shared human story.'”

Neue Auctions bids for success with new online auction house

-Cleveland Jewish News

“Pairing with Cynthia is an opportunity to not only expand into new collecting fields but to offer an expansion of services,” said Greenwald. “Neue Auctions will allow us to respond to our customers’ desires with an array of options and white-glove treatment. We have a similar approach to customer service and our dovetailing will allow us to build upon our strengths.”

Neue Auctions is Cleveland’s newest full-service auction house


Neue Auctions’ September catalogue has something for everyone, from the first-time auction goer to seasoned collectors

-ArtFix Daily

The maker and artisan movement is everywhere: people crafting and building things with their hands, a few tools and one grand vision. At you can view a collection of several hundred fine works by established masters from around the world; some centuries old, and you have the chance to make a purchase.

Cleveland’s newest auction house brings the best online.

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The Neue Auctions’ team behind this exquisite collection of items has been at the forefront of the Cleveland art world for decades, but this is the first time they are working together.”