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The Paintings of Joseph O’Sickey

Neue Auctions is excited to announce a large selection of original paintings by Joseph O’Sickey have arrived. Many were previously exhibited by Jacques Seligmann Galleries, Kennedy Galleries, both of New York City and Vixseboxse Art Galleries and The Bonfoey Gallery, both of Cleveland Ohio. Stay tuned for an online catalog of Joseph’s available paintings or schedule a […]

WHATS NEUE PUSSYCAT? Akron Ohio Favorite Don Drumm

If you grew up in NE Ohio like me, you’ll probably remember the mural on Rt. 77 near The University of Akron. Or maybe you dined at the Armadillo on Exchange street in the sixties. Perhaps you didn’t know it then, but you were witness to the work of Don Drumm. Don opened his studio in 1960 near the University of […]

Coronavirus-Coping; Buying and Selling Online

This auction is primarily antique and art dealer consignments. For almost two months, the antique shops, malls and shows have been closed, cancelled or postponed. Dealers who’ve welcome you into their shops for years haven’t had any income to speak of since the coronavirus came to town. This is how the Pandemic Relief auction came […]

Selling Safely From Home

Need to sell? We have always been an online only auction company. Working remotely from home has it’s challenges and distractions as you already know, but we’re not new to selling online. Known for our bespoke service and evolving ideas about how to run an auction house, your safety is our main concern. What should […]

Gloomy? Get Bloomy!

Experts say that a floral bouquet can ease your winter blues. Harvard research on happiness reveals that flowers at work or home increase the feelings of kindness and compassion. In a study by the University of Florida, they discovered that people with flowers in their homes reported a significant decrease in stress levels. A painting […]


I used to think lucite furniture was kitsch but I’ve had a recent change of heart. We have a lucite and glass coffee table in our showroom and I love how this piece of furniture doesn’t visually crowd the space and hide the carpet below. What’s also great about transparent lucite and glass furniture is […]


We are pleased to offer a beautiful Cowan Pottery polychrome mosaic designed by Elsa Vick Shaw. The glazed ceramic tile mural titled “Egyptian Maidens” was saved from demolition by our specialist Bridget McWilliams and a small conservation team known as the “Woodsmen” from Vermillion OH. The home of Elsa Vick Shaw in Moreland Hills was […]


You either love ’em or you don’t. I have yet to meet anyone who has a middle of the road opinion about Conover pots, but everyone sure seems to know about them. Many people purchased from Potter & Mellen on Carnegie Avenue when they had the windows filled with pots and the price back then […]

Lot 118: “Figure in Thought”, by Sir Anthony Caro

We are thrilled to include this stunning work of art in our Spring auction. Sir Anthony Caro is one of Britains’ most distinguished artists. Known for his metal-smithed abstracted sculptures, Caro veered from his well known style to rediscover drawing and clay modeling in the summer of 1983, which resulted in a surprising collection of […]

Everyone wants Recognition.

Everyone wants recognition in some form or another; a kind word, flowers, a gift and often times a trophy if the circumstance affords it. Trophies are a reminder of an event for a special achievement. I love big old trophies from long ago for sporting events that nowadays, not many people still participate, such as […]