Featured painting

Experts say that a floral bouquet can ease your winter blues. Harvard research on happiness reveals that flowers at work or home increase the feelings of kindness and compassion. In a study by the University of Florida, they discovered that people with flowers in their homes reported a significant decrease in stress levels. A painting of flowers, although not fresh flowers, will last much, much longer. This can be a traditional still life of flowers in a vase or a more abstracted depiction of our floral friends. They are the perfect way to bring a touch of natural beauty into any room, and they make the perfect choice when you want to add that extra touch of quality, charm, and precision without being too specific.

In the February Fine Art auction, there are many to choose from, whether something traditional such as lot 16 by Jean-Jules Louis Cavailles (French 1901-1977) or something contemporary like lot 25 by Rose Haserodt (American, 21st C), we have something to add a colourful surge to any environment.

If a painting purchase from our auction isn’t in your budget this time, consider visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art or your local museum or favourite art gallery. Research proves that your stress level will be decreased after viewing artwork, leading to better sleep, less anxiety and improved memory. After analysing 15 studies that had people looking at art for different reasons, neuroscientist Oshin Vartanian explaines that “areas of the brain involved in processing emotion and those that activate our pleasure and reward systems are also being engaged.” Basically, parts of the brain that are associated with contemplation are automatically sparked when viewing art, even if they aren’t thinking about it critically.

So take care of yourselves (and each other) by adding more color and happiness into your life through art.