As we all contemplate and fret about the state of the planet there is an impetus to consume less and recycle more. That is what the auction business is built on. On that note, at Neue Auctions, Nothing is Neue!

Oftentimes, old is better.  Better quality, better design and better style. With the recent sale of famous decorator Mario Buatta’s Estate in New York last week, a cultural event for sure, fashion might finally steer us toward a reexamination of collector style.  After so much time with neutral color and pared down design and with mid century modern hogging all the air in the room, other styles start to look weird and exotic- in a good way. 

Hence, if we don’t already, we should learn to love charming imperfection, as all of these old objects that have been changed and used and worn over the years are perfectly imperfect.  I’m not sure I would have liked the 18thc. Venetian chair if it looked as it did when it was first new. It would be too shiny, gaudy, too colorful. But if you allow 300 years of age to take effect, you have something completely wonderful.  The wear of hands on wood and paint, the fading of the paint and the upholstery by the sun, the softening of the edges all contribute. This effect is hard won. 

Come visit us at Neue Auctions in Beachwood Ohio, in the Ohio Design Centre to preview our old and beautiful offerings and to participate in our sustainable business model by buying old things at auction!