As summer has sadly ended, it’s that time of year to happily focus attention once again on your interior spaces. Having a lovely, welcoming environment to come home to after a long, trying day is restorative to both one’s mental and physical health. In addition to relaxing the mind, it also engages the brain’s creativity channels. Whether it is realized or not, we tend to feel better in a well thought out space with attractive original artwork and well designed and arranged spaces. 


Our current auction scheduled for September 14 and 15 2019 is loaded with affordable original artwork for your looking, learning and decorating efforts. Look around your current residence. If you have plenty of wall space, we recommend filling it up Salon Style for an always exciting, engaging and original look. The Salon Style originated with art exhibitions in the 19thc. Where paintings were hung floor to ceiling.  

There are some great scenes in the recent film Mr. Turner, about the life of artist J.M.W.Turner which recreate the Royal Academy Exhibition. A must see, if you have not seen it. 

Modern Art looks wonderful hung Salon style, but why not mix styles together? It’s the privilege we have today that those in the 19thc. did not.  

When hanging a wall, focus on like colors or color families and consider the shapes and sizes of the frames. It can be a fun puzzle to create on the wall as you fit the pieces together. You can do this over time, and please do not worry about nail holes in the wall. They can always be filled.  

The first day of our auction includes multitudes of artworks with estimate ranges beginning between $100-$500. Some examples below and our auction online for many more!!!!