After the basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter are met we seek to adorn in our homes and most intimately our bodies. The impulse for decoration and adornment has existed since time immemorial. Surely part of the display is to enhance the status of the person, but there is a deeper more significant need for adornment that is psychological- an expression of ourselves and personality – an expression of the way we see the world and our engagement with it. Our hunger for beauty is ultimately  a search for harmony – whether through tattoo, clothing, or jewelry, our bodies are the canvas for our most intimate of expressions.

At Neue you are encouraged to follow your passions and given helpful advice from our knowledgeable staff along the way to help you develop your eye. One of my personal passions is jewelry. I like to fantasize that I may have been a Maharaja in a former life – one can dream:) While the price of precious stones (diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire) may leave some with sticker shock the beginning collector may find pleasure and affordability in equally beautiful semi precious stones.  Their virtue is not only in their apparent market value as an investment but practical as it can be worn.  Many stones also have metaphysical properties which benefit the wearer. For example, citrine draws  wealth and jade is a stone of strength and virtue and is gifted as a token of one’s esteem. So investigate the properties you aspire to or virtues you are trying to cultivate and follow your bliss and buy the best you can afford!