Neue Gallery Presents: Cynthia Barta-Emerging Artist
June 7th – 28th

Cynthia Barta’s work is the “New Fauve“, with bold colors, linear shapes, all suggesting distant views, landscapes with trees and fields of lavender and wheat. This exhibited artist has shown in Europe in group shows, however this is her first solo exhibition of a concise body of work, including pastel and oil paintings. Many of these works were inspired by Barta’s travels abroad, specifically Switzerland and France.

At first glance, one might think they are looking at a painting by Andre Derain, Henri Matisse or Clevelands’ Clara Dieke. Barta manipulates pastels into textured paper, building a velvety finish of bright colors, outlined in black, putting forth a memory of a place she has been and seen. One can feel the warmth of the sunlight fields and the scent of lavender when looking upon her work. Her technique in oil consists of medium strokes of color, sometimes layered or alternating colors, without any specific shapes; more like color-field painting similar to John Stockwell. When you step back and consider the oils, you see foreground imagery such as leaves, flowers and trees followed by a distant beach, lake and mountains, giving the viewer perspective. You can not look upon her work too quickly or you’ll miss the moment.

We invite all to visit the gallery and view this impressive collection of works which are all available for purchase through Neue Auctions Gallery. We welcome collectors, gallerists and interior designers to schedule appointments for client showings. We have a saying here at Neue; buy what you like and what you can afford. Art should move you and speak to your heart.